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How Heartburn Can Affect Men

Just how is this ironic: Heartburn is among the most typical adverse effects of some medications made to promote the proper functioning of male organs among people that have erectile problems.

 However, heartburn can badly have an effect on a man's organ (penis). Well, nobody actually asserted that maintaining good penis health and wellness would be trouble-free. Nevertheless, how does heartburn or acid reflux come into play with the manhood? In fact, the tummy along with the penis is barely in the same physical region. But, a little research can disclose just exactly why there might be a connectivity.

Heartburn, men health

There is a saying that "no man is an island," it is also factual that absolutely no human body part is an island unto itself too. Guys may like to occasionally think of their manhood to be in some way separate from them. In fact, ladies love to insist that men think with their penis or perhaps that it controls them or maybe causes them to do things they should not. However, in reality, it is just another human body part, and also as such may be impacted by changes in other parts of the entire body.

Take, for instance; it is very well known that a healthy heart is essential for great functioning on the body. If perhaps the heart fails to pump blood at the appropriate level, the penis is unable to get a full erection or perhaps has difficulties staying in its erect state.

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By the same gesture, heartburn or even other digestion problems can have an effect on penis function. It is not as direct a connection as between the cardiovascular system and the penis, but once excessive heartburn or perhaps other gastrointestinal conditions exist, it can disturb a guy as well as dampen his romantic fervor.

Causes of Heartburn

With that comprehension, it is clear to understand why a man must stay away from heartburn, particularly on a date. Consuming a well balanced and healthy diet and also eating and drinking responsibly can help avoid indigestion. But a lot of people may have a natural "disinclination" for certain foods. They might like them and also find them too difficult to resist, yet their bodies may not effortlessly digest them - resulting in heartburn or other problems.

Every individual is unique, and each body digests differently. However, a few of the common heartburn "triggers" are:

- Anything citrusy. Regardless of whether in juice or solid form, the acidic citrus fruit can cause a problem for a lot of digestive systems.

- Alcohol. Sharing a bottle of Moet or champagne may be lovely. However, that drink may come back to cause problems for a guy before he gets to bed. Also the same applies to downing shots in order to impress a lady with how macho you are. Apart from leading to heartburn, alcoholic drinks can alone have a somewhat deflating impact on a lot of a man's organs.

- Fatty meat. Meats are a good source of protein, but men should lean with it.  Meats rich in fat like lard immensely promote indigestion.

- Pasta and Pizza. Tomato sauce is mouth watering and a staple of an Italian meal. However, tomatoes have a high acidic content- having high acidic contents means it may spell trouble.

The list does not stop there - dairy and caffeinated drinks are among other common causes - but it is enough to depict a point. A guy has to discover what his triggers are and also figure out how to "eat around" those triggers, like which to stay away from completely, which to consume without eating excess, etc.

Obviously, even without heartburn, men need to keep their member healthy to promote optimum penis function.

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  4. Great to know.. Heartburn is a cause of concern with lot of men these days. This could help them make dietary changes to their diet


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